Chasing Waterfalls

It is mid April, and my province is currently undergoing, yet, another lockdown. I believe this is our third official lock down, or “stay at home” order. Even though the world seems a little messed up right now, it’s important for the mental health to keep perspective, keep positive, realize what we are thankful for each and everyday, and to get out and get some fresh air.

One thing I feel very blessed about is where I live. Small town, a village even. It is also conveniently located approximately thirty minutes away from some of the most, in my opinion, the most beautiful places I have ever witnessed…..Muskoka County.

In our last blog, we drove through Muskoka to Parry Sound. We are now going back for a particular reason, which is, to find waterfalls! We found three amazing gems in and around the area that we will definitely be going back to, and encourage you to go too!

Downtown Bracebridge

Our first waterfall lives in the heart of downtown Bracebridge. Bracebridge is one of my favourite places to visit. It has such charm, especially downtown with all the little shops and restaurants. Bracebridge is apart of Muskoka municipality and was actually build around a waterfall. Bracebridge is actually known for its main waterfall, (Bracebridge Falls shown in image below), and even waterfalls in the area.

Bracebridge Falls.

This particular waterfall, (Bracebridge Falls), is locally at Entrance Drive at Silver Bridge. It has free parking, picnic tables, and a beautiful walking trail attached so you can see different points of the falls. You can gaze at all the beautiful trees and cliff formations surrounding the area in this picturesque spot.

Muskoka River.

Bracebridge offers a lot of other things as well such as Muskoka Brewery, Brooklands Farms, and the notorious Santa’s Village Amusement Park. If you haven’t been to Bracebridge it is definitely worth a trip especially if you enjoy nature, amusement, and water!

High Falls and Little High Falls

Bracebridge is also home to this next incredible park. At this location there are actually two waterfalls in the same park, High Falls and Little High Falls. This gem of a stop is located on High Falls Road at High Falls Park. It starts with a bridge and then an amazing hiking trail that leads you to some pretty epic spots. They even have their own High Falls resort that you can rent cottages, go camping and/or enjoy their water park.

High Falls, Bracebridge.

The first of this attraction is High Falls, which is approximately 16 metres high and a crest of 30 metres, making it the largest waterfall in Muskoka region. The river from this enormous waterfall is about a 50 foot drop. There is also a power station which sits above it.

High Falls, Bracebridge.

Our favourite part about this spot is the fact you can not only walk along the actual falls, but you can get up close and personal with it and sit on the rocks right beside the falls. It is not often that you get a chance to walk along and chill literally right in the falls.

Monument on top of High Falls.

It also overlooks the Northern Branch of Muskoka River and the sight is absolutely breathtaking. We spent some time exploring and taking numerous photos just because we were so in awe of its beauty.

After your done taking it all in at High Falls, follow the trail into the forest! There are so many types of trees, and the trail takes you to another breathtaking view, Little High Falls.

Our posing pics.

A winding river wraps itself through the forest and ends with a smaller waterfall trickling down the hill into the final waterfall off the cliff. It even has an isolated part of the river that actually feels like your own personal oasis in the forest. That oasis is attached to a bridge that takes you to the other side of the mountainside to view the waterfall from a different perspective.

Paradise Oasis.

If you keep following the trail it will lead you down to the shoreline where there you can see both waterfalls in the same sight. They call these falls “Niagara of the North”, which to us is amazing cause that is where Craig and I were born and raised!

Little High Falls.

This park was such an adventure! We could have spent the whole day easily with exploring and embracing. It had an amazing hiking trail that leads you through a forest, and the sights and smells of 2 incredibly beautiful waterfalls for us to take in. We will definitely be going back here for a day trip, and we recommend it to anyone who loves to explore, loves to hike, and loves to see nature at its finest!

Little High Falls.

Hatchery Falls

Last, but definitely not the least, Hatchery Falls was probably my favourite hidden gem. Located off Fish Hatchery Rd on Skeleton Lake, Hatchery Falls was the perfect way to end this perfect day.

Skeleton Lake.

When getting the directions it told us that this waterfall was approximately a 15-20 minute hike into the woods. The sunset was approaching fast and we knew we only had so much day light left, so off we went to find these falls!

Craig getting some video footage.

The trail is pretty clear and easy to follow, and also has fairy houses set up for the first segment of the hike. This spot is magnificent and usually deserted. The more you hike, the louder you can hear the water crashing.

The fairy houses along the trail.

When we got there it was one of those moments for me like, “is it here, what if we can’t find it, etc.” It definitely didn’t take us 20 minutes to find it. Either it wasn’t that far in, or we were just excited to discover yet, another amazing waterfall. Once we got to the waterfall it was glorious. The sound, the smell, the feeling. It was not as big as High Falls, but with an eight metre straight drop, it was definitely something!

Hatchery Falls.

When we got down to the bottom of the waterfall, when we looked up we had realized we hiked our way down a massive cliff side and it was magnificent. The water was so crystal clear you could see every little morsel on the bottom of the river.

Hatchery Falls.

Hatchery Falls was the cherry on top of a truly blessed day. We got to hike, be outside on a mild and sunny day, embrace nature, and enjoy each other’s company. Now it was time to climb back up the hill and head back home, especially before it gets to dark and we get lost in the woods.

All in all it was a successful day. We started out with a mere idea that turned into a day long adventure of exploring and having fun. Especially with this pandemic it is important to remember all the beautiful things in the world and be appreciative of it.

Sunset on the drive home.

So in conclusion, if you are in search of some hidden gems that consist of waterfalls and nature in Muskoka region, you need to check these places out!

Our Nissan NV 200 van.

For more information, questions, or comments be sure to email us at! Hope all my fellow Ontarian’s and everyone else are staying safe, and keeping sane! Thank you for reading and God Bless! ❤️ 🙏🏻

Sunday Drive to Parry Sound!

I just wanted to share a quick story with you guys, to help inspire you, that with everything going on in the world, it’s good to go out and embrace some nature.

Chickadees feeding from a feeder from Dollarama.

It was a Sunday, we had not been out in a little bit and decided to go for a drive. We had no destination, no plan. We found ourselves driving to Muskoka, about thirty minutes north of our new hometown. It had been grey and rainy lately, cold, but not much snow. On this particular day the sun was so bright and beautiful, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be basking in the sun’s rays.

Basking in the sun!

On our drive, we seen a sign whizzing by us that said Parry Sound, which was closer than we thought. Craig turned to me and said, “Want to go?” I replied, “YES PLEASE.” Parry Sound is roughly 70 Kms away from our residence in Tay Township. On our drive there, through the winding roads of Muskoka, we seen something beautiful.

December 2020.

Something so beautiful, we just had to stop. Along Muskoka and Port Carling area there are these beautiful rock formations. These rock formations have all kinds of colours such as red, white, and even gold. Some are solid colours, while others are marbled. Along these rock formations, water froze, creating these mesmerizing icicles right along the roadside.

Cascades of icicles.

The sun shining off the icicles, the colours, the crisp winter air hitting our faces, was indescribable. I had never experienced something so simple, yet made me feel so blessed to be alive. The crazy thing is thinking a bout all the people flying by in their cars who were either used to this beautiful site, or maybe thought we were crazy for stopping and taking pictures of icicles on rocks.

I had to get a picture with it.

The other thing that made me feel very grateful was that Craig felt the same as me, and was even more excited to be able to stop, get out, and witness this beautiful scene of nature up close and personal.

We stopped for a bit, embraced it, and continued onward to Parry Sound. On our way we also found an amazing little trail in the middle of all the pine trees, birch trees, evergreens, and so many other species of trees. I felt like we hit the nature jackpot that day.

The amazing trail we walked through.

We got to Parry Sound, took a drive downtown, and decided to make our way back to Victoria Harbour. The small shops, the winding roads, the refreshing Northern air was spectacular.

Camera man getting ready for some quality selfies.

On our way home, the sun begun to set, and it made us very appreciative of all the blessings in our life. Being able to be together, be in nature, and also having the opportunity of owning a new Nissan NV200 to be able to explore the great land around us.

Last glimpse.

If anything I just wanted to share this amazing day with everyone as a reminder to just enjoy the little things in life. This year has brought so much stress and pain, but it has also made us open our eyes and witness the beauty all around us.

So if you are having a bad day, week, month, or even a year filled with stress and heartache, just remember to look around from time to time. You might be surprised at the beauty around you.

If anyone needs to talk or rant about anything, share stories, comments, or ask questions, feel free to email us at Thank you guys for letting us share our story, and hopefully you will be encouraged to share your stories with others to.



Charlotte and Craig! Stay safe! ❤️ 🙏🏻

Nissan Goes to Niagara Falls!

Every couple knows how important it is to spend quality time with each other. If you have been reading the previous post, you know that we left the big city, and moved to a small town in Tay County. We went back London to hand in our keys, and celebrated by a romantic weekend in the beautiful Niagara Falls.

One of the many light displays in Niagara Falls.

We booked a two night adventure at the Ramada Hotel by Wyndham in Niagara Falls on River Road. We ended up getting a great price for $38 a night through The hotel itself is a 3.6 star, but they were very accommodating, took great care of us, and our room was super comfy and clean. If you are looking for a quick and cozy get away on a budget we highly recommend it. They had two queen size beds, nice t.v, and all in all a very nice setup.

The Ramada by Wyndham in Niagara Falls, Canada.

We had such a long day so we decided to grab some pizza and wings, and just kick it back at the hotel. We ended up getting an awesome deal, and amazing pizza and wing combo from Zappi’s on Stanley Road. The deal even came with authentic blue cheese and carrots, no extra fee! We highly recommend if your in the area to give them a try, one of the best pizza and wings we have tasted so far.

Zappi’s on Stanley Ave.

The next day we decided to go to the Bird Kingdom, about 2 Km down the street from our hotel. It was about $14 a person plus tax. It is a giant walk through that leads you up stairs and has a fun feature on every level. It starts off with a tiny museum of the falls filled with old artifacts, history, pictures, and even a photo shot area where you can take a picture of yourself on a barrel going down the great Niagara Falls. Once you pass that point you head into a small area filled with reptiles, rare birds, and more great artifacts and antiques. They even have a few Macaw Parrots that talk to you and you can check their beauty up close.

African Spurred Tortoise and the Leopard Tortoise.
The Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls.

They next few steps and doors you go through lead you into this amazing small bird aviary that just let the birds fly about, and sometimes even fly really close over your head. They had so many adorable little birds with chirping, vibrant colours, and great foliage.

The Small Bird Aviary.

The next section was dedicated to the critters of the night, the nocturnals. This section was one of my favourites, even if we were not allowed to use the flash on our cameras for the safety of the animals. They had sugar gliders, owls, and even a cluster of Egyptian Fruit Bats. It was super dark and super cool.

Sweet Little Sugar Gliders in the nocturnal section.

After that part you go down this beautiful hall, making you feel like you are in an Indiana Jones film, leading you to these doors.

The last set of doors to the Bird Kingdom.

Once you go through the doors, it takes you into the big bird aviary, which is this huge area making you feel like your in a tropical jungle! The have so many bird species, it is hard to keep track of them all. Not to mention all the green surrounding you.

The Big Bird Aviary section.

There are honestly so many birds roaming free in this giant section, your head feels like it is on a swivel. At one point I didn’t even know where to look because of the foliage, the birds, and all the gorgeous architecture.

Silver Pheasant, male.

They even have a cafe located on your walk down to the bottom, although because of Covid-19 it was closed. Across from the cafe they have a Lorikeet feeding section where you can feed the Lorikeets and have them fly on you. After we fed the beautiful birds of paradise, we followed the path down to the bottom where we got to watch birds fly, play, eat and even swim. Once you are done the whole walk about, you end up in the gift shop which is filled with all kinds of cool things from toys, to jewelry, to housewares and so much more.

The beautiful Scarlett Macaw.

If you are thinking bout venturing to the Falls we highly recommend the epic Bird Kingdom. They have 80+ species at this “kingdom”. It took us about an hour to go through the whole thing, although we could have easily spent more. It is a great price for what you get to see, experience, and interact with. This is definitely one of my favourite places in all of Niagara Falls. We even got a cool picture for an affordable price at the end of us feeding the Lorikeets. Not to mention the price of parking is very cheap is definitely a plus. So order your tickets online to get a discount at and go have some fun!

Feeding the Lorikeets.

After all that excitement and exercise, we were famished. So where better to eat in the Falls than the amazing Flying Saucer Restaurant. It is a famous spot that has remained on Lundy’s Lane since 1972. It has “out of this world food, for down to earth prices”. You get so much food and so many choices like subs, burgers, pasta dishes, steak, finger foods, and even quesadillas! So go check them out, and if you order the fries make sure to get the meat sauce on them!

The Flying Saucer on Lundy’s Lane.

What better way to end our night, and weekend, but to check out the amazing and famous Clifton Hill!

The Skylon, Robinson St.

There is something just so spectacular about Clifton Hills. The lights, the attractions, and the fun. Maybe because Craig and I grew up in a town very close to Niagara Falls, it holds a special place in our hearts. They have so many things to do such as the Fun House, the Midway, the Skywheel, numerous haunted houses, and so much more. The street itself has so much history, and if you walk all the way down to the tip of it, you get a breath taking view of the Falls themselves.

The Skywheel, located in the heart of Clifton Hills, lets you reach a height and see the sights at 175 feet above the Falls.

We were fortunate enough to go at a time of year, (the holiday season in December), to be able to witness the astonishing light attractions. It holds approximately three million decorate lights, so even if you are on a budget, you get to enjoy something memorable.

Just a few of the many different light displays along the Niagara Falls, Canada.

The first thing we did as soon as we parked, was go for a nice walk through the beautiful parks, and along the actual Niagara Falls themselves. It was mind blowing and romantic all at the same time. Pictures definitely does not do it justice.

The Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian Side.

The Niagara Falls is actually a combination of 3 different waterfalls all in one location. The American Falls, The Bridal Falls, (also belonging to the American side), and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side.

The Horseshoe Falls.
The American Falls, and the Bridal falls, (smaller waterfall on the right).

We walked through more amazing lights on our way heading back to Clifton Hill. They have everything from Moose, Polar bears, Reindeer, Christmas scenes and so much more. Not to mention Dufferin Islands, home to a whole drive through of beautiful light displays from Noah’s Ark, nature scenes, and even Disney displays.

One of the many light displays.

Once we got to Clifton Hill, we indulged in the very fun Fun house. We saw so many cool places to eat, drink and play as well. The down side was there was quite a few things closed due to Covid but it was also nice cause it was not very busy at all, so it felt like we had the whole place to ours. The places that were open were following up to date safety protocols, and were very welcoming.

The Fun House on Clifton Hill.

We ended the night like any typical Canadian couple would in the winter, with ice cream. All in all, even with Covid and Covid restrictions, it was the perfect day and night and we are so grateful to be able to go on a mini vacation and have fun.

The Famous Rainforest Cafe, Clifton Hill.

If you wish to participate, and have some fun at Clifton Hills check out for attraction and restaurant listings, Covid updates, and even Fun Passes for more bang for your buck!

Beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

We only spent two nights in Niagara Falls, but it was one of the best weekends, and vacations we have been on so far. We highly recommend to anyone who wants to have fun, eat good, and see some beautiful sights. Even if you are on a budget, we are proof you can enjoy it for not much money. That being said, if you wanted to, you could also spend a fortune in this fun filled place. It really has it all, and has it all pretty much within walking distance. So check it out!

Now we are back home safe and sound in Victoria Harbour, which I am not only blessed, but proud to call our beautiful new home.

Love in the Lights.

If you like this post we encourage you to check out our previous post, and please stay tuned for our next adventure! Road trip to Parry Sound!

We spotted a masked moose on Clifton Hill!

If anyone has any comments, questions, or someone to talk to feel free to email us at STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT ROAD TRIP COMING SOON!

Dino Golf!

Thank you so much! Be safe, have fun, and God Bless! ❤️🙏🏻

Moving On

The beautiful Victoria Harbour is located a bout 40 KM North of Barrie. This peaceful place is apart of the township of Tay, which in 1822 was named after a pet dog! This quaint town has a population of 2,600 and is surrounded by the beautiful Georgian Bay.

The beautiful Georgian Bay.

If you have read previous posts, you might be aware that Craigs Mum and step father live in this beautiful town. They moved up from St. Catharines, Ontario, (which is the city Craig and I first met in).

Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada.

During the summer, when the pandemic had lifted a lot of restrictions, we were able to go for a visit and soak in the country life in all its glory. The beautiful water, the plethora of astounding gardens, the quiet yet charming downtown, and of course the Wildlife!

Wildlife in the Harbour.

In the last few months, an opportunity has presented itself that we are able to move up and be with Craigs folks.

The in-laws beautiful garden.

Since the pandemic, we have seen things in a new light. Both Craig and I have always wanted to live in a big city and embrace all the options and opportunities. Now that we have “got it out of our systems”, we have realized the city life just isn’t for us.

With everything going on in the world, including the pandemic and politics, we have found ourselves surrounded by negativity and evil. The homeless has rapidly multiplied, the drug problem has expanded, and the violence is everywhere. It has got to the point where I can’t even take the trash out or check the mail without being harassed. Whether it’s dealing with mail thieves, men “cat calling” me, bypassing arguments, or simply just neighbours tweaked out on some kind of substance. That isn’t even including all the problems we deal in our building.

Our beautiful view from the sixth floor, East London.

It’s horrifying to think this isn’t even as bad as it could be, and places in the states have been dealing with way worse. Our hearts go out to you. We pray that the world will only get better.

London in the fall season, another shot from our balcony.

Flipping the switch to the positive side, we have truly enjoyed our time in London, Ontario. They have the most amazing food my taste buds have ever endured. They have so many fun places for play, such as the Rec Room with its arcade games and amazing food, mini putt, bowling, among other countless places, (list coming at you soon).

Our first date at the Rec Room, located at the Masonville Mall.

They also have some of the most beautiful parks in every nook and cranny of this huge town of almost 400,000 people. The gardens, the trails, the conservation areas are all fantastic, and was very important for our mental health, especially during quarantine.

Legit the best nachos.

The malls are also a huge bonus because there are so many, plus Masonville which is massive with two stories of shopping bliss. I also want to mention it is one of the best places to go to secondary school whether it’s Fanshawe College, University of Western Ontario, North American Trade school, along with other private schools. We are truly blessed to have experience the Forest City.

Bowling at Palasad in London.

Be sure to keep posted and check out our personal list of our favourite spots and things to do in London, Ontario! COMING SOON!

Fishing in the heart of London, Gibbons Park.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was great for the time being, but we have both realized our long term goals. For us, the city just isn’t in the equation to contribute to our happiness, mental health, and our long term goal, such as raising children and maybe even buying our first residence. We are by no means knocking London, it just isn’t for us anymore.

The Van Mascot

So up and out! We gave our two months notice to our landlord, and now are working hard to purge and move! Now we get to pack the van, cat and all, and start this incredible next chapter of our lives in beautiful Norther Ontario, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Another backyard friend in The Harbour.

We simple hope that this has inspired you if you are currently unhappy. Whether it is your job, your home, your city, or anything else that is either blocking your happiness, bringing you down, or contributing to your mental health.

If this year has taught us anything, it is that life is too short to be unhappy or live the life that you do not want. Everyone has a choice, including You reading this right now!

If anyone needs someone to talk to, needs advice, or just simply needs to rant, Please email us at We might not be perfect, and we might not have all the answers, but sometimes it helps to get things off your chest and maybe have another input. We know it’s been a very tough year for all of us and we want you to know you don’t have to do it alone.

McCormick Park, London.

So please enjoy life, have fun, be safe, and feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to help! GOD BLESS! ❤️ 🙏🏻

Our New Favourite Past Time, GEOCACHING!

Want a new hobby that gets your steps in, gets you outside, and gets your adrenaline going? DO SOME GEOCACHING!

The Bush Man in his natural environment.

During the pandemic we were all locked up with no place to go. Then Craig introduced Geocaching in our life. It has been something he has been doing for years but haven’t been active in it since he moved in with me. With work and just the daily grind of daily life, it was something that slipped our minds.

After finding a cache that brought us to the middle of a forest in Zorra, Ontario.

With the pandemic, we took the opportunity to do things we have always wanted to do, or just did not have time to do pre-covid times. We were also blessed with buying a van, a 2020 Nissan NV 200, (which we plan on turning into the ultimate camp van for two and updates are coming soon), and that is when Geocaching came up.

We have both the mobile and the vehicle GPS going.

For those of you that do not know what Geocaching is, the only way to explain it is the ultimate Worldwide scavenger hunt. You download the app and allowing it to set your location you are able to see all the caches in your area, or an area you plan to go to.

This one was tricky, placed under a log!

It gives you the approximate coordinates to a certain treasure spot. Some will give you hints or riddles in order to find the exact location. The size of the treasure varies. Some are “nanos”, which usually consists of just a log book you can sign your name and date you found it. Some are small, medium, and some are huge with lots of swag and fun items for all ages.

Even though we got rained on, we embraced this beautiful scene.


The first one we started local in our own town of London, Ontario. It was located at a cemetery outside of a manufacturing plant of some kind. The hint was “look up” and getting to the coordinates that were set, this first cache we found pretty easily.

My first find!

It was located right in the tree in an old case for a drill or some kind of tool. Inside, to our surprise, were two trackables! What are trackables, you might be wondering? WELL they are these cute little keychains that are assigned to a number and it is literally tracked everywhere it goes. The two we found, one started off in Nova Scotia and had travelled 15,000 Kms and the other started off from the Caribbean.

Inside, my very first trackable!

We decided that since there was two, we should take one and leave one to be courteous. We also signed the log sheet and left a few items in return. We usually leave a little something whether it’s a sticker or a toy or even an ornament. As long as it fits we will leave something!

Some of the SWAG we found from the dairy farmers cache!

We ended up going to four or five different spots that day and we were adventuring until night fall. We went all over London, to Woodstock, and eventually made our way back to London through the town of Zorra. Our last spot that day was in a parking lot of a YMCA. Since that first day of geocaching we have been hooked and look forward to it every time we go.

Discovered this awesome conservation!

Geocaching has given us the ability to get out of the house and get active without any effort. Craig and I genuinely enjoy it every single time. Not to mention all the beautiful sceneries we have seen since getting out.

My first log!

There are obviously rules to this fun past time in order to keep everyone safe and happy. If geocaching is something you would like to try or take part in, here are a few basic rules to keep in mind.

  • Be respectful! When it comes to being on a property, in the forest, or wherever you end up, just be courteous and respectful. Do not leave garbage, do not vandalize, do not harm anything, you know all that basic stuff when it goes to respecting other people’s property. This applies to wherever you end up even if it’s a city park, someone’s front yard, or even in the middle of the woods. Leave no trace of anything. BE RESPECTFUL!
  • Do not leave any weapons, drugs, alcohol, paraphernalia, explosive, pretty much anything that could cause harm to anyone, adults and children. Keep in mind a lot of people will be taking their kids, so please only leave PG items.
  • Be stealthy! Be quick getting in and getting out so Muggles, (average humans who do not part take in geocaching or even know about it), do not see you.
  • Always report your findings, even if you could not find it at all. It is important for the person that hid it is aware of if you have found it or not. If you do not find it, you can report as a DNF.

There are also some things to bring with you to maximize your geocaching experience including the following…

Cute little note left by the dairy farmers!
  • Pens or pencils just in case the writing tool has been compromised due to weather or just being missing from the cache.
  • Appropriate clothing! Long sleeves and pants are a must because u never know how muddy you will get, what bugs you will encounter, or if you are anything like me, you will attract burs and be covered anywhere you go.
  • Bug spray/ sun screen!
  • Snacks and plenty of water!
  • Extra paper or log books, just incase a cache has got wet, wrinkled, or even sometimes the log book will be full.
  • Flashlight!
  • SWAG– take an item, leave an item in return. Whether it is another trackable, or just something you have lying around the house like toys, dollar store items, office supplies, beads, seashells, pretty much anything that will fit in a small Tupperware container.
  • First aid kit, just incase you never really know! And if your clumsy like me this is a MUST!
  • My favourite item, my backpack! To carry everything in and have easy access to it all with one swift swoop of your zipper.
You just never know where they will be hidden!

So now that you have a few rules to be aware of, and a list of things you should bring you with, I encourage you to give it a try! You get to exercise your brain, while exercising your legs and getting your steps in. You will see beautiful nature scenes, bodies of water, cool buildings, the possibilities are truly endless. Soak up some sun and enjoy the great outdoors!

I promise it will be good for your body, your mind, and your soul!

Night Cache!

Thank you guys for the love and support! If you have any questions or comments on Geocaching or anything we have previously discussed, feel free to email us at

Keep posted on how to place your very own cache! We got all the details coming your way! Until then, be safe, and enjoy yourself!


Summer To Do List

As we reach the last stretch of summer, we know this summer has been different for literally everyone. Most events were cancelled, postponed, or arranged for online stream, to enjoy in the comforts of your own living room.

Last summer the Glorious Sons played at Rock the Park, London, ON. An outdoor music festival.

We know that last summer was filled with events such as Rock the Park, arts and crafts show and even the famous province wide Ribfest. There was no mask wearing. There was no social distancing. There was no cancellation, and there was no worry.

Spending time with the famjam from Nova Scotia, last summer.

Even though it can be easy to give into the feeling of depression and defeat, rest assured we have a list of some things you can do to make this summer better before it ends. From social distancing events, to outdoor activities, and simple suggestions, we have a little bit of everything for you depending on what you are in to. So let’s get started!

Good ol’ kayaking.

We will start off small and easy and work our way up. Lots of options for every bank account and every personality!

  • Walking– probably the most obvious, but most underrated option. There are so many parks, trails, and areas you can go for a walk. It has so many benefits such as keeping you healthy, stretching those muscles, and getting you out of the house. Walking does so much for your mental health and sometimes all you need is to go for a walk!
  • Hiking– just like walking but a little more intense. You will never know what you will find when you go hiking. Whether through a forest, hiking trails, or Crown lands, hiking makes an amazing way to get active, get out and see some nature.
Hiking alone Pittock Conservation, Woodstock, ON.
  • Camping– We know the season is coming to an end, but keep in mind you can get in a lot of great camping from now until October. Depending on your needs there are a lot of great campgrounds that accomodate tenters, RVs, trailers, and even boat rentals and storage. Fanshawe Conservation Campground, located east London close by Fanshawe College, is affordable, friendly, and offers alot. Check out the campgrounds in your area and get some last minute camping in.
  • Day Camping– if a weekend doesn’t interest you, there are lots of places such as Conestogo Conservation, (located in Mapleton, ON), that you can do some day camping. Get away for the day and enjoy the private beach, hiking trails, fishing spots and even coal BBQs for a picnic.
Beautiful Contestogo Lake, Mapleton, ON.
  • Fishing Mission– if fishing is something you are into, this is one thing you don’t need alot of money to do. You also do not need to be near anyone and can safely participate in social distancing while still doing what you love. We are truly blessed to be living in a province that holds some of the most gorgeous bodies of water. Make sure to purchase your fishing license which can now be done online right on your mobile device. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Our favorite watering holes to hook some lips.
Hello Fishy!
  • Beach Day- this one might give me some flack, considering beaches these days seem to be more dangerous than ever before. That being said we did manage to get out the Grand Bend this year and we were very impressed. It was not very busy and the people who were there were doing a very good job at being respectful and keeping their distance. We got to walk up and down Main St, tan on the beach, and take a quick dip without being bothered. With that being said we encourage everyone to be mindful of what’s going on that day and to take the necessary precautions. If we all do this and be mindful, then we can all enjoy the beach in peace.
Beach day!
Grand Bend, ON.
  • Mini Golf and Attractions– with the world slowly getting back to normal, we are happy to say mini golf is back! Of course, along with everything else, the world is slowly opening up, and getting back to our new normal. They do implement covid protocols of course, but that won’t stop us from practicing our putting skills. Even though Canada’s Wonderland is still a working progress, places like East Park, (located in London, ON), are slowly opening up their attractions like mini golf, driving range, batting cages, and even the go karts are back! So check out what’s in your area, see what’s open, and go play!
Uncle B and myself in a round of mini putt.
All revved up!
  • Shopping– we know this one had definitely altered our shopping experience, but good news is malls and shops are beginning to open everywhere. Of course they, again, enforce the covid protocols, but once you get over that feat, you learn to see the positives. Another good thing is they are slowly starting to open changing rooms, because let’s be honest, most of us need to try things on before we buy them. So let’s take advantage of the malls being open before the potential second wave hits.
  • Drive-In– one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to hit up the drive-in movies! Fortunately because it is already pretty easy to enforce the covid protocols, the drive-ins have been open all summer. This summer some drive-ins have also been offering drive-in concerts, (check out previous post for my personal experience). We also know alot of drive-ins, such as The Oxbury Drive-In, are aiming to be open until October 31. So check out what drive-ins are in your area and see what’s playing!
Full Petty Fever at the Oxford Drive-In.
  • Outside Recreational– again, we know there are a lot of restrictions because of covid. We managed to find a kayaking rental place in Jordan Harbour in Niagara Region, that let us take them out for a few hours for this year’s father’s day. It was therapeutic to be able to get out onto the water and enjoy the nature around us, especially after being locked up what seemed like eternity. Check out to locate rental places in your area. Everything from boat tours, canoe/kayak rentals, even paddle boating! We highly recommend this one.
My mum, Frank, and myself.
  • Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, and Yard Sales– in areas such as London, Toronto, Niagara, and even up north, flea markets are back and opened! Once again we can enjoy the fresh smells, tastes, and finds at our favorite farmers market and flea markets. After being under what seemed like ages in quarantine, we can now get out and enjoy all of the wonderful things these places have to offer. Some areas in Ontario are even participating in yard sales. So get out there, you never know what you will find!
One of our favorite, Convent Garden Markets, London, ON.
  • Food Trucks and Ice Cream Parlours– we were very excited when we started seeing ice cream trucks and food trucks popping up everywhere. They are back open at the flea markets, in certain parks, at outdoor events, and even the sausage truck is back opened at Canadian Tire. There is just something about food truck fries that you just cannot re-create at home. Fancy dessert? Ice cream parlours such as Shaw in Port Stanley, the Dairy Dip in Grand Bend, and even Marla Mae in London is back in action.
  • Roadtrips- if you have the luxury of having a vehicle, then you have already probably ventured out this year. If you do not, we highly recommend Enterprise, they are very accommodating and very affordable.

Roadtripping is definitely our favorite on the list because you can do it all year round, any season. The best trips are when you just get in the car and drive. You never know what you will discover, who you will meet, or what you will see.

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey.
  • Kite Flying, Frisbee Throwing, Catch, Playgrounds,etc- these last few items we know are pretty obvious but we still feel the need to mention them, cause let’s face it, they are fun. With the pandemic we have learned to enjoy the little things and you would have no idea how giddy you get when you fly a kite. Anything from throwing a ball around, to frisbee, to even hopscotch. Did we mention the playgrounds are back open and all that caution tape is gone? So get out there and enjoy the fresh air!
Grateful to have access to tennis courts.

We hope these ideas have given you some motivation to make the most of the remainder of your summer. We know it can be difficult to get out of that quarantine slump, and it can be difficult to adjust to the new changes of the world around us. We just need to focus on being positive and appreciate all the blessings in our life.

So let’s take care of each other not just for the months to come, but for the rest of our days. Let’s get through this as one. Let’s make the most of our precious lives and live each day to the fullest.

Until next time be safe, take care, and have fun!

Sincerely, C&C!

For questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions feel free to email us at! ☀️❤️

Drive-In Concerts; the Future of Concerts?

After six months, almost 3 seasons, of being in “quarantine” we finally got to have a real date night outing. The world went into complete shut down back in March and we, as a whole, are slowly getting back to “normal”, whatever that may be. With summer nearing it’s peak, we had stumbled upon a Facebook page advertising a new revised summer concert series.

The Oxford Drive-In, Woodstock, ON.

The first band advertised was a tribute Tom Petty band, which immediately caught our interest. As we studied the details, we discovered this was an event sponsored by iHeartRadio which, featured one band for certain nights playing at the Oxford Drive-In. As the gears were turning in our heads, we knew this could be a potential date night OUT, which due to global crisis, has not exactly happened lately.

Drive-In Concert. The future?

The band was called Full Petty Fever and we had both liked the official band page on Facebook, and marked the date on the calender. What happened next was Craig happened to be the 1000th like on Facebook, and he got a shoutout saying he won a prize because of this. The excitement kept rising!

Selfies with Can Grant, front man of Full Petty Fever.

A few days later the lead singer, Cam Grant, had reached out to Craig and setup a time where he could personally deliver the prize of what he had won. Once arranged, Cam arrived at our home address and gave Craig a guitar hero guitar all signed by the band, a promotional poster of the last show, and the famous red mad Hatter hat he wears for the famous ballad, Don’t Come Around Here No More. Of course they also got selfies together.

Cam had explained that usually he brings someone up for that song and gives them these items when they are on stage. Due to covid however, they are not allowed to bring anyone on stage. So this is a pretty good compromise if you ask me.

Pumped up!

Fast forward to the night of the show, we get there right on time, found our seats and get settled. Let me rephrase that. We found our designated area. When purchasing the tickets you pay a flat fee for a whole car load. That is up to 5 people and you get to choose the location of where you sit/hang. Once getting there, just like at the regular drive-in movie nights, you pull up to your stake and you have a 20×25 foot area.

Thirty minutes before they rock the fields.

As soon as we got there we ordered our food truck food, went to the washroom, and set up. We spread the blanket across infront of the van, sprayed bug spray, and got situated as our food came hand delivered to us. Did I mention we got first row tickets? Now it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the show!

Repping the prize hat at the show!

As they counted down they showed video footage, music videos, and all kinds of cool shots, trippy scenes, and iconic images of the great Tom Petty. They had the sound, they had the look, and they had they vibes.

The band was right on point. The movements, the notes, the outfits. They even got me screaming like a school girl when they brought Jen from Sweetwood Mac, vocalist for Fleetwood Mac cover band, to play the famous hit, Quit Dragging My Heart Around. Their remake quite literally gave me goosebumps and I felt like I was watching the real Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks performing.

Don’t Come Around Here No More.

So all in all it was an incredible night that we have still been talking about, and will be talking about for the rest of our lives. Even though it didn’t have the same feel as a real concert, in my humble opinion, it was Better.

Date Night❤️

Personally, growing older and especially with covid now, my anxiety acts up and people freak me out. Even though most concerts are usually a blur, it’s filled with ups and downs. From finding to losing friends, to getting drinks spilt on you, from people shoving you out of the way cause they are bigger than you, as a petite young woman this is a common occurrence.

Playing all the classics from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I can safely say there was literally none of that stuff that goes, and I was able to enjoy the entire night. Craig and I got our own little bubble, but still close enough to people to feel like you belong to something. It was very romantic without even trying.

The lights upon our faces, the talented music of Full Petty Fever, and the crisp summer night breeze made a memorable night under the stars.

I am above and beyond appreciative that we were able to be apart of this pretty unique experience. Even if the world does go back to the way things were, I am grateful we took advantage of this opportunity. If this does happen to be the new normal, then I am ecstatic and excited for all the future shows to come.

If you are interested in attending an outdoor drive-in concert such as these ones check out Desire, a U2 tribute band coming to the Oxford Drive-In in Woodstock, September 13 at 9pm. You can order at Thank you and God bless! ❤️🙏

Talk about an encore!

Next we will be discussing what things we can do before summer runs out, cause let’s face it even Covid can’t bring us down. Stay safe and God bless!❤️🙏

Homeward Bound…to NIAGARA!

Earlier this year, our world faced a Global crisis. A World pandemic caused by Covid-19, the Corona Virus.

After not being able to see my beloved family after 6 long months, once we got the green light we hit the road to see my famjam which meant, Roadtrip to Niagara!

We left Saturday morning to surprise my dad for Father’s Day, meeting everyone at my omas for cake and coffee, family traditions.

Of course we faced our first hurdle, something both Craig and I used to deal with on a daily basis. Something that we don’t even think about anymore because we don’t deal with it anymore, the Canal Locks. The canal locks are bridges that go up quite regularly in Niagara to allow passing ships to travel through. When the bridge goes up, it means cars cannot cross the bridge, or have to go down to the next available bridge in order to cross. We waited it out.

Lock 1, Lakeshore Rd, St. Catharines.

Once we got to my Oma’s house, we surprised my dad and were greeted by my Oma, Opa, aunt, uncle, my step mother, my little sister, and my dad. We played outdoor games, enjoy my Oma’s homemade cheesecake and shot the breeze as we filled in eachother of our past 6 months. A lot has changed with this pandemic and one thing I appreciate more than ever is having such an amazing family.

My Dad and Craig playing washer toss.

After us spending time with the family, we headed back to my Dad’s trailer for a golf cart ride and a BBQ steak dinner. Then it was time to head to my mum’s and hit the hay, for we had big plans the following morning.

This is my Dad’s “nice” smile.

The next morning, which was a beautiful Sunday, my mum, my step father, Craig and I drank a cup of coffee, and headed out to the beautiful Jordon harbor. Just north of St. Catherines, it is only about a 20 minute drive from my Mum’s house. What were we setting out to do? Kayaking! For the last two summers we had started a new family tradition and went kayaking every summer at Jordan Harbor.

We spent a few hours out on the lake, embracing all the beautiful sites around us. Even though it had been six months, for a moment it had seemed no time had past at all.

The famous shipwreck at Jordan Harbour.

After we had endured a pretty good work out, blisters and all, it was time to head back to my mum’s and BBQ some chicken. We spent the remainder of the day in the back yard playing bean bag toss and enjoying each other’s company.

Family traditions are important.

So as the weekend comes to an end, we say our farewells to my mum and my step father, head to the trailer and say goodbye to my dad and step mother. Even though the trip was short we packed every minute we could to making the most with our family. If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s to cherish the ones we love and to make the most out of the time we have with them, and for that we are truly blessed.

The beautiful sunset on our drive back to London.

So as we head back to our home base in London, we soak in and thank God for how blessed we truly are. That was a very successful Father’s Day weekend and I am glad we could have done it, thanks to the van. We hope everyone is having a good summer! Follow us for our next adventure, Conestoga Lake, and also upcoming is a list of things to do before the summer ends! Be safe, and God bless! ❤️🙏

Until next time, take care!

The Raft!

One of our first trips with the new Nissan van, was a trip to go see Craig’s mum and step father, Geoff. They live in a small town up north where it is an understatement to say it’s a beautiful place.

We love the extendable back doors of the Nissan NV200.

While visiting, Craig’s parents had given us a lot of good things for the van such as a hand saw, a cooler and an inflatable raft complete with two oars Geoff had picked up at a garage sale. Immediately we had to blow it up and see just how big or small it really is. To our surprise it was big enough to hold Craig, myself, our fishing poles and even a small picnic.

Real Tree inflatable raft available at Canadian Tire.

When we inflated it, (which we used using the inverter in our van with a mattress pump), not only were we excited by the size, but also the features. It has two fishing rod holders, one on each side for each person, holders for your oars, and areas where we could anchor it or tie it up.

Testing it out.

When we got back to London, first thing we did was take it to the Thames River, (for more details on that day like finding curtains, see previous post), and much to our surprise we caught a fair size rock bass!

The raft has given us the advantage of actually getting out onto the lake. On warm sunny days we take it all in and work our arms out to the middle of the lake and just let the sun kiss our exposed skin. With the pandemic it is very easy to get low and down on yourself and I think if anything, this raft has taught us to get out and enjoy everything around us. After all we only have one life to live and we really don’t know how many days we have left. So get out there and make the most of this one amazing life we have!

The Thames River.

We have taken the raft out a bunch of times since, and will be taking it out a few more before the summer’s end. If you are looking to purchase your own inflatable raft, this one was purchased at Canadian Tire and the brand is Real Tree. We give this buy a solid 4.5/5 because it is durable, flexible, sturdy, and reliable. With this inflatable raft it has given us more opportunity to explore the land and the water around us. It also inflates and deflates quickly and easily, and we can store it in the van without taking too much room.

So we hope you guys are enjoying your summer as much as we are, and if you are not, stay tuned for an upcoming list of things you can do before the summer ends. We hope you are all staying safe and healthy and we look forward to our next adventure together! Until then Be safe and keeping adventuring! For questions and comments feel free to email us at! ❤️🙏

Finding THE Curtains!

It all started with a Fishing Mission…

First catch using the Inflatable Raft

Setting out on another excursion of the season, we were equipped a little differently this time. This time we had an inflatable camouflage raft, but that’s another story for another time…

I spy something Green…

Back on track, we rafted and dipped our lines in a few areas down the Thames River with only a mere few catches. After what seemed to be minutes, hours flew and our bellies grew hollow with growls. Luckily we discovered a sandwich deli up the street we seen on our way to our fishing spot. Turns out they make AMAZING homemade food, including the buns they serve the sandwiches on with huge fresh pieces of meat.

Fran’s Village Catering and Deli

After our satisfaction of full stomachs, we decided to check out the shops in the area, discovering a cute tucked in little Giant Tiger. For those not familiar, GT is a Canadian store that sells mostly Canadian products much reminding me of a smaller chain of Wal Mart or K-Mart of the sorts.

Giant Tiger parking lot.

We had already had an idea to find some blackout curtains. When it comes to diy you go through trial and errors of ideas and how to do them most efficiently. Our first thought was maybe a shower curtain or bamboo rod of sorts. We already knew we wanted black out panels, and there they were, AND on sale for $15.00 a pop!

With Great Canadian Dreams, comes Great Canadian Deals!

OK! PANELS..CHECK! Then it dawned on us, well dawned on Craig, to use a curtain extender rod! It wasn’t something we had seen a lot in doing our research of van conversions, so this one was kind of us going in blinded with a mere idea. A mere idea, that with that one genius and simple factor in the equation, we had concocted the perfect mix. Also might I add another great steal from Giant Tiger for $8!

$8 Find at Giant Tiger.

Excited to set up, we did so right there in the GT parking lot.

Our vision of the location of the rod wasn’t exactly what we had thought but we found the perfect fit eventually. We did a quick and easy install, threw away the garbage, and proceeded to hop in and close all the doors to see how it works….

Located on the metal interior, not in the way of any airbags.


It’s important to keep in mind that renovating anything, doing anything DIY, or homemade can be a series of trial and error. Practice literally does makes perfect. Keep in mind it’s a process and you have to figure out what’s best for you and try not to let it become frustrating. This is meant to be a fun project and when it becomes stressful it’s a good idea to take a breather.

Extender rod, and blackout black panel curtains for a total of $40.


The blackout curtains literally black everything out. With the sun visor sheild in, you literally could not even tell it was the middle of a beautiful sunny summer day. All in all I am above and beyond satisfied with this little van project and would recommend to anyone, especially for us that aren’t exactly a huge fan of the mornings.

With the giddy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction we decided to stake out a body of water to end the perfect day. And the perfect day it was.

Pittock Lake

We ended up finding this gorgeous place in Woodstock called Pittock Lake. There lies an intake dam with a bridge that goes from one side to another. One side of the bridge has a lake and the other side lies a river.

Pittock, Woodstock, ON

It was a beautiful place to watch the sunset and appreciate all our little blessings just in that one day.

It just goes to show that you will never know what will happen or what you will find when you get yourself out there and go for an Adventure!

AND on that note, STAY TUNED for the next upcoming story, the Inflatable Raft! Cause let’s face it, it can not be Summer without an inflatable!

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