Finding THE Curtains!

It all started with a Fishing Mission…

First catch using the Inflatable Raft

Setting out on another excursion of the season, we were equipped a little differently this time. This time we had an inflatable camouflage raft, but that’s another story for another time…

I spy something Green…

Back on track, we rafted and dipped our lines in a few areas down the Thames River with only a mere few catches. After what seemed to be minutes, hours flew and our bellies grew hollow with growls. Luckily we discovered a sandwich deli up the street we seen on our way to our fishing spot. Turns out they make AMAZING homemade food, including the buns they serve the sandwiches on with huge fresh pieces of meat.

Fran’s Village Catering and Deli

After our satisfaction of full stomachs, we decided to check out the shops in the area, discovering a cute tucked in little Giant Tiger. For those not familiar, GT is a Canadian store that sells mostly Canadian products much reminding me of a smaller chain of Wal Mart or K-Mart of the sorts.

Giant Tiger parking lot.

We had already had an idea to find some blackout curtains. When it comes to diy you go through trial and errors of ideas and how to do them most efficiently. Our first thought was maybe a shower curtain or bamboo rod of sorts. We already knew we wanted black out panels, and there they were, AND on sale for $15.00 a pop!

With Great Canadian Dreams, comes Great Canadian Deals!

OK! PANELS..CHECK! Then it dawned on us, well dawned on Craig, to use a curtain extender rod! It wasn’t something we had seen a lot in doing our research of van conversions, so this one was kind of us going in blinded with a mere idea. A mere idea, that with that one genius and simple factor in the equation, we had concocted the perfect mix. Also might I add another great steal from Giant Tiger for $8!

$8 Find at Giant Tiger.

Excited to set up, we did so right there in the GT parking lot.

Our vision of the location of the rod wasn’t exactly what we had thought but we found the perfect fit eventually. We did a quick and easy install, threw away the garbage, and proceeded to hop in and close all the doors to see how it works….

Located on the metal interior, not in the way of any airbags.


It’s important to keep in mind that renovating anything, doing anything DIY, or homemade can be a series of trial and error. Practice literally does makes perfect. Keep in mind it’s a process and you have to figure out what’s best for you and try not to let it become frustrating. This is meant to be a fun project and when it becomes stressful it’s a good idea to take a breather.

Extender rod, and blackout black panel curtains for a total of $40.


The blackout curtains literally black everything out. With the sun visor sheild in, you literally could not even tell it was the middle of a beautiful sunny summer day. All in all I am above and beyond satisfied with this little van project and would recommend to anyone, especially for us that aren’t exactly a huge fan of the mornings.

With the giddy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction we decided to stake out a body of water to end the perfect day. And the perfect day it was.

Pittock Lake

We ended up finding this gorgeous place in Woodstock called Pittock Lake. There lies an intake dam with a bridge that goes from one side to another. One side of the bridge has a lake and the other side lies a river.

Pittock, Woodstock, ON

It was a beautiful place to watch the sunset and appreciate all our little blessings just in that one day.

It just goes to show that you will never know what will happen or what you will find when you get yourself out there and go for an Adventure!

AND on that note, STAY TUNED for the next upcoming story, the Inflatable Raft! Cause let’s face it, it can not be Summer without an inflatable!

Nissan’s 1st Road Trip- Georgian Bay!

We were fortunate enough to get away for a weekend up a little more North than our current home base in London. Beautiful Victoria Harbour literally Harbours some of the best sunsets, sunrises, fishing spots, friendly community and most breathtaking scenes.

We packed the van, Cat and all and headed North. We took the back roads and enjoyed an almost 4 hour drive filled with the sight of deer, farmland and the most gorgeous Canadian trees.

With the Muskoka area being so close to Victoria Harbour, we went on a beautiful Sunday drive enjoying the sites of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and all of the Muskoka area.

Even thought it was my first time in Muskoka I can only imagine how busy and full it would be without the pandemic. We are truly fortunate to be able to visit what is deemed appropriately as God’s Country.

Reliving some of Craig’s childhood memories.

Even thought it was only a few short days, it was just what we needed after months of quarantine. We got to dip our lines in the water, enjoy the beautiful sunset and see all of the Canadian Beauty around us.

One of the famous Muskoka chairs at Sawdust City Brewing Company

Next time hopefully the city and beach will be bursting at the seams with livelihood, but for now I will appreciate what we have, and what we have seen. Pandemic or not Canada’s Beauty still takes my breathe away.

First Things First…


Welcome! C&C Here coming to you from the great Ontario province! We are a couple we grew up in the Niagara Region with a deep passion for the great outdoors.

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When two people in love have a dream, have a positive mind and an open heart, quite literally anything is possible. We worked hard and did a lot of research and we purchased a 2020 Nissan Nv200 Compact Cargo Van that we are excited to customize into our own private oasis campervan!

Let us explore together and join us on our journey of self exploration, diy projects, and experiences full of adventures, growing and learning . From fishing missions, to camping excursions, to just simple day trips and projects. We are excited to starting our journey and look forward to sharing tips and tricks.

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